When watching children move, do you see the flow..the bounce..the happy?

Classes are designed to reclaim your natural fluid movements in a safe mindful manner 


(Mo)vement (Jo)urney Classes

MOJO: a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy

MOJO: Magic Power

Do you recall how you moved as a child? How awesome would it feel to move like your young self again?

Does moving confidently... moving effortlessly....moving fully...moving happy appeal to you?

The MOJO classes are designed for you to experience movement that does not deplete but encourages and energises you to be resilient, agile and youthful.

Reawaken your MOJO ! 


What is the Difference between Yamuna MOJO and MOJO ?


Yamuna MOJO

Using specifically designed balls, the balls are our messenger as we roll through different body parts.  The message that the ball sends to you is often an enlightening experience.  As your body can only communicate to you through sensations, you start to listen and hear. You quickly realize where your happy places and not so happy places reside.  Using this information becomes your map to help rebuild the body template back. Recreating the flow and the easy while being in awe of the body are some of the gains you will experience from the Yamuna MOJO class.


These classes are about restoring our primal movement patterns. When we were babies, over and over again, we explored movement; how to roll, sit, crawl ,stand and finally walk. Once we mastered the movement, the pattern got stored in the brain.  As we age and experience an injury or over use our body or simply not move, the pristine primal movement patterns that you had mastered have been altered. Your original patterns are replaced with different movement patterns. The beautiful posture and easy movement you once had has been forgotten and a "new" pattern has taken over. This "new" pattern is not as efficient and starts to create pain, tension or strain. When the nervous system begins to feel tension/strain/pain,  it "fears" movement and will put on "brakes" to be safe. Then the vicious cycle begins. To reboot your original patterns, the brain and body must explore movement but in a safe manner! If the brain and body experiences movement with no threat it removes the "brakes" reclaiming full and easy movement. This class brings the attention back to primal movement patterns and re-igniting how we used to move pain free. The journey of life can continue with zest, vitality and ease. 


When committing to a class, you are creating the time and space for you. Prioritizing what is important.  

Whether you are in a MOJO or Yamuna MOJO class, you will be encouraged and empowered to be your own moverdiscoverer and ultimate healer.

 You are meant to be Moving Happy!



"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way."

Dr. Seuss