Client Testimonials


"Since doing Pearls class, my neck and shoulder mobility has increased dramatically and pain reduction is significant. I have gone from looking at neck surgery to my neurologist saying whatever you are doing is working and I don’t need to see you for a year. Thank you Pearl for changing my life. Your classes are truly life altering." Tracy A

"Your class has been a blessing, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I have felt so much change on a micro and macro level." Dana M

"Pearl has enabled me to embark on an incredible journey that I am still in awe of. My neurologist calls her an angel...she truly is. Thank you guiding me through my continued recovery and beyond. My brain thanks you too!" Terry J

Pearl always reminds us that ‘we knew how to do this (movement) when we were babies’. Somewhere along the line my natural ability got confused. With Pearl’s passionate guidance my body is reconnecting and finding movements that modern medicine said would not come back.  As a bonus I am 1.5 cm taller than a year ago!" Mary S

"It amazes me how much I learn about my body during each session." Debbie H

"You provide the "care for me" environment and have made me accept and act on the thought that only by being healthy myself, can I support others." Rhonda K

"You have made such a difference in my life, mentally and physically." Dale Z.

"Your way of teaching reflects your purpose and how strongly you feel about our mandate to take care of our body. Your purpose and calling has a profound impact on all of us willing to embrace the common sense approach to maintaining a healthy mind and body." Margaret D.

"I so appreciate your expertise, patience and friendly demeanor. Your passion equals my health and appreciation of how we need to listen to our body's language." Twyla F. 

"Thank you for your teaching and continued learning that yo bring to your classes. They are such an education. Your classes are challenging but I come away wanting to explore my ability to move more. Thank you for leading me to want that. " Christine M.

"Thank you for everything you have taught me about my body and what I need to do to have a healthy life and body." Christina D.

"These classes have truly helped me regain confidence in my body’s ability and resiliency and have changed my life for the better by getting me to move again." Cecile N.

"I have developed a new strength in my neck where I can effortlessly look up to the sky without bracing my neck with my hands. I am learning I have the power to create my own alignment! What a truly remarkable gift and what freedom. Pearl is my greatest teacher. " Darlene F.

"I had given up hope that I would ever move freely without pain or limits to my range of motion. However, after doing some 1 to 1 sessions, I have learned how to incorporate simple routines into my day that allow me to move freely without pain or limits." Scott T.

"I went from fear of pain and restriction to freedom, joy and movement with your guidance. Thank you for reminding me to move and breathe. I am so grateful." Jenny S.

"Thanks Pearl! There are reasons we keep coming back to class- the fun and supportive community, the non-judgemental approach in which each of us can develop at our pace in our areas of need, the consideration for safety (physically and mentally), the creative ways we move and the great feeling of empowerment that comes from getting strong. We are all so grateful to have you as an instructor, mentor and friend." Daryl K.